My first travel experience was the summer of 1959. Our family headed for the Grand Canyon in our station wagon pulling a camper. The neighbors thought we were adventurous, fool hardy or nuts. My father had 3 weeks vacation. The station wagon had 6 cylinders and a manual transmission. There were no interstates, just 2 lane highways. I was 11. I had a girl friend named Lorraine.

Sixty years later the station wagon became a pickup truck. The neighbors think we were adventurous, fool hardy or nuts. We have lots of time. The truck has 8 cylinders and an automatic transmission. The interstates are boring so we take the 2 lane highways. Lorraine and I got married.

2018 photo near Driggs, Idaho with Grand Teton in the background.

In July 2020 we sold our beloved Casita and bought a new Escape 21 travel trailer. It’s larger and more practical for longer trips but we won’t be able to fit into the tiny places we could with the Casita. I’m sure we’ll become attached to it in time. It’s just hard parting with our old travel trailer.

This photo is from our first trip to Welch Farm in Roque Bluffs, Maine. Welch Farm offers dry camping next to the wild blueberry fields.