Our Camp in the Desert

This is a brief video showing our camp site in the desert. To put it in context it is about 4 miles outside of the town of Quartzsite, a town of about 3,500 people. The nearest towns are Blythe, CA and Parker, AZ about 25 miles away. The nearest city is Yuma, AZ at about 75 miles. In between are mountains and desert. Much of that land is owned by an arm of the federal government called the Bureau of Land Management or BLM. The BLM manages the land for the benefit of the people of the U. S. That means we can use it for minerals and mining, cattle grazing and recreation which includes camping. It also means the BLM does not provide any services except occasional road grading. Turn off the paved road onto a dirt road and then turn off the dirt road onto a track through the desert and pick your place. So this what we’ve done to get to our camp site.


  1. Joe mello

    You will never know how much I envy you guys and how happy I am for you all is well here please enjoy yourself be careful be safe

  2. Robin newing

    Thanks for the view, I’ll pass it on to Jacky if you haven’t, I know she enjoyed the last one. Given that there are hundreds of square miles, why do you congregate at all, and close to the highway? I bet there are many solitary camps out there, totally alone. Do you like roosting together, like flocks at night? For you, much of the pleasure is in the strangers you meet, and that could no happen away on your lonesome. I see that the solar panels sit detached, for some reason I thought they’d be on the roof. Interesting geology, when I was still a funpig, that was my department, remember, and Newfoundland was the most interesting, with its spine continuing northwards through Scotland and onto Sweden. Bill Bryson says that Australia is geologically the most boring spot on earth, 99% sandstone. Hope that you are with Dondi now, and Seth too. Say hello for me, and can I contact him? Will probably get you on your birthday anyway. Love to you all, Robin.*

  3. Debbie Lincoln

    You guys are amazing. Talk about living every minute to the fullest. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us who are stuck at home.

  4. Ashburnham Lorraine

    No ocean and no Fried Dough or Bikinis.

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