Ashby, Texas

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Ashby, Texas is a little hard to find. It’s not on the map. It used to be but not anymore. My research had revealed that the town of Ashby used to be the opposite side of the Tres Palacios River from the town of Palacios. When we found ourselves camping near Palacios I decided to do a little more Google research and got the gps coordinates of Ashby Road. Here is what we found at the end of that road.

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  1. Robin Newing

    Nice graveyard, well kept. I’d forgotten Ashby Minnesota, where we only stopped for half and hour, was it the one in Nebraska that had all of the signs? We found a few ghost tons in our time, but never one that had totally disappeared. We passed a fairly modern one once, where everyone had just got up and left, even leaving some cars in the drives. And don’t get me started on the drive up to Garnet, with that storm coming in; that place was creepy. (Idaho?).
    London has just been put into tier three which is almost as good as lockdown. We get a bit of manumission for five days at Christmas, which should send the infection upwards, but I will go to Jacky’s, as the rest of her family do not come until Boxing Day. Where will you be, do you decorate the caravan? Love, Robin.

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